Greetings, hopeful adventurer! Welcome to the world of wikis! Wikis are basically small Wikipedia's one can make for very specific topics and subjects. If you are here, you probably want to contribute but do not know how. Let me give you the basics from what I know in a very simple how-to guide which will get you started:

Headers Edit

Alright, so you've clicked the "Create a Page" button, you've typed out a title, and now you are ready to begin but you do not know how to make a Header for each different category. Fret not; it is as simple as peas.

To make a Header when editing a page, simply type two equal signs "=" and then add a space, type your Header, space, then two more closing signs "=". You've got your Header!

Sub-Headers Edit

For Sub-Headers, which are just smaller Headers for small sections, just add three equal signs instead of two.

Bold and Italics Edit

Say you want to make something really expressive? Why not Bold or Italics? Or both? To make a word/sentence in Italics, type two ' around it. Like this.

To make something Bold, type three ' around it. Like so.

Finally, to make something both Bold and Italics, simply type five ' around them. Example.

Separating Bars Edit

For roleplays, it will be common practise to both type your Username at the start of your post and then separate it from the rest with a line underneath it. Like so:

To do this, simply type a bunch of dashes, or "-". Roughly four or five will suffice.

More to come as needed. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.