Son of legendary Sith Lord Nobunagarez Oda, the man Ragarius Oda was destined for great things. Originally an only child, that changed when his father decided to cheat on Madame Nouhimerez. The chosen, a Togruta named Opichi, gave birth to a son, Angoldo. Angoldo and Ragarius were good to each other and cared about each other, but eventually were torn apart because it was discovered that Angoldo was force sensitive. Rag, on the other hand, was not, but did not let that stop him. He decided at the age of 13 to become a servant of the Empire. He trained hard, enduring many hardships, but eventually found that he needed more, he needed someone special to light his fire. Rag was determined to find a mate, so he searched for 6 years throughout the galaxy to no avail. "But this story isnt finished yet" Rag, himself swore to the heavens. Eventually Rag Did indeed find a mate, a Rattataki woman named Morriiggan (name unconfirmed) and was happy for now ...

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