Hello and welcome to the Ascendant Sith Empire Wiki! If you are on this wiki you are either a member of the elite SWTOR Begeren Colony guild <Dark Ascendancy>, or you are just some stray googler. If you are the latter, and if you like video games, Star Wars, roleplaying, and community, I strongly urge you to download Star Wars: The Old Republic and join us on Begeren Colony! The game itself is loads of fun and so are we.

Now if you are the former, welcome to one of the Ascendancy's websites where we archive lore, characters, information, etc. as well as do some of our roleplaying when not in-game. This directory here is made as a sort-of where to find what on this wiki. If you are new to wiki-ing and would like to learn how, the page that covers some of the basics is right here.

Here is the directory to other pages that may interest you: