"Your credits, my skills: a beautiful relationship."

Draksuss is a cyborg human bounty hunter currently making a fortune off the Sith Empire in their conflict with the Galactic Republic.

Appearance Edit

Draksuss stands at about 6'5", and has a very muscular build. He has cybernetic implents on various parts of his body, most noticeably on his face - over his right eye and on his ears. Due to an accident while working on Tatooine, his face and upper body are rather heavily scarred. His hair has gone prematurely white.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Draksuss was born on Tatooine, just outside of Mos Gamos. He was the eldest of three children the family had. His father was a mechanic, and his mother was a housewife. As a child, he and his brother would often venture off into the sands to explore and play. As they grew older, they went off to try and find things to sell. One day, they came across a wrecked Imperial crawler. They scavenged some supplies off of it, and were ambushed by Tusken Raiders. Without thinking, Draksuss grabbed a nearby blaster and opened fire. The Tuskens fell back, the two brothers escaped. They hung onto the blasters they picked up, and began practicing with them. They displayed a natural talent for marksmanship.

Guns For Hire Edit

Throughout Mos Gamos, they gained a reputation as being particularly formidable with blasters, as well as being able to get jobs done. Various elements throughout Mos Gamos and the surrounding settlements, legitimate and illegitimate, began to hire the brothers for different jobs. More and more their jobs began falling into categories like bodyguarding, strong-arming, and roughing people up. Soon, they began going after people who had angered their employers, working as small-time bounty hunters. After catching the eye of a local Imperial officer, the brothers were hired to create a distraction for a nearby Republic force in Mos Entha.

The Mos Entha Incident Edit

Draksuss and his brother set out for Mos Entha to sabotage Republic operations there, as per their contract, to distract them from other areas on Tatooine. The mission was supposed to be simple. Plant a few bombs around Mos Entha, let the Imperials know everything was good to go, and get out. Draksuss and his brother split up, and got to work. Draksuss' part of the plan went off without a hitch. His brother, ended up getting caught planting a bomb. Draksuss rushed to his brother's aid, and was himself attacked by the Republic soldiers. Despite putting up a good fight, and taking down several opponents, Draksuss was subdued, and an explosives squad was brought in to defuse the charges. They did it wrong, however, and the charge exploded. The nearby Republic forces were killed, as was Draksuss' brother. Draksuss himself lost an eye, and his hearing. His body was badly damaged from shrapnel and debris. He dragged himself over to his brother's body and blacked out.

When he awoke, he was in a local medical bay, the Imperial officer standing over him. Despite things having gone wrong, the mission had technically been a success. Draksuss was paid for both his part and his brother's, as well as having his medical expenses covered by the Empire. He was given passage back to Mos Gamos, where his father installed some cheap cybernetics for him.

Bounty Hunter Edit

After recovering from the Mos Entha incident, and burying his brother, Draksuss left Mos Gamos, and left for Mos Shuuta. His brother had always wanted to make the family rich, so they no longer had to live in the slums of Tatooine. He was going to make sure that happened. He sought out the local authority figure, Tanda Nem'ro, a lesser Hutt of small influence. Tanda began spreading word of this new Bounty Hunter, and directed him towards a contact who worked with a relative of his on Nal Hutta.