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• 2/9/2016


Hey peeps y'alls favorite Twi'lek Darth here and I just wanted to let you guys and girls know the servers are STILL down.
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• 2/9/2016

Hey update the servers maybe back online in an hour.

((I know no one is listening to me))

• 2/9/2016

((This is the latest news)) Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco [1]Hey folks,

We are nearing my "best case scenario" of one hour. We are not ready to bring the servers live yet, but we are still looking good. We are continuing to push the update out across our live servers, where we will then test these changes again. Assuming at that point, that everything looks good, we will bring the servers online. I am being told that it is possible that all of this can be complete within an hour. So, another best case ETA of one hour from the time of this post, or 6:30 PM CT.

Thanks everyone.


• 2/11/2016

Many thanks Drem. ^^ -Arishol

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